Introduction to The Health Lottery

The Health Lottery is a UK based lottery which is independently owned to provide a funding portal for health related causes throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The entry cost per game is set at £1 and with every ticket sold 20p goes towards the designated cause for that particular draw. The draw presenter will announce the chosen health related causes prior to the draw commencing.

The aim of the lottery is to match five of the six lottery balls to take away the jackpot prize. The Health Lottery has fixed prizes unlike other lottery schemes who adopt a ticket sale dependable jackpot. The most money a player can obtain from the Health Lottery with a single ticket is £100,000, however the chances of winning are greatly improved with the inclusion of a bonus ball. The Health Lottery is takes place every Saturday and Wednesday evening which is aired at 9:55pm (approximately) on Channel 5.

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Health Lottery History

The Health Lottery first appeared, before the forming of the National Lottery, under the name National Health Service (NHS) lottery which after several years planning was set to be launched in 1988. The NHS lottery had to be scrapped on account of the structure being illegal and unstructured. The NHS assets were then sold onto a third party company called Altala Group Ltd in 2007, the Altala Group was run by Ian Milligan who is a former employee of the managing body of the National Lottery, Camelot. The Altala Group unfortunately went into administration before obtaining a UK gambling licence however it was purchased by the Health Lottery Ltd who then went on to obtain a gambling licence. The Health Lottery was then re-launched in September 2011 under the company Northern & Shell group which is owned by Richard Desmond. The Health Lottery, in comparison to other UK lottery games, has a relatively low jackpot however this is reflected in the odds of winning. A player is far more likely to hit the jackpot with the Health Lottery as opposed to perhaps the UK Lotto. The jackpot and prize tier is also decided from how much a particular provider charges for entry, the Health Lottery is currently £1 to play and the UK Lotto is £2. The odds of winning the Health Lottery jackpot can be found here:
Matching numbers Prize Odds of winning
2 numbers plus bonus £10 1 in 224
3 numbers £20 1 in 224
3 numbers plus bonus £50 1 in 4,815
4 numbers £250 1 in 9,631
4 numbers plus bonus £10,000 1 in 423,752
5 numbers £100,000 1 in 2,118,760
The overall odds of winning any prize is: 1 in 108.18
Be sure to check each draw for Health Lottery promotions as these are a frequent event! When there is a new promotion you can usually find it within our Lottery News section of the site. The two main promotions which usually added in rotation are the Health Lottery Hot Ticket and Match Two Get A Ticket free promotion.