Buy One Ticket Get One Free

The Health Lottery has launched a brand new promotion for new online customers, if you don’t have an online account you are missing out on some free tickets which could win you £100,000. We have put together the two main promotions which will get you more tickets, these are a “buy one ticket and get one free” promotion along with one weeks free play. For those new players among us, the Health Lottery is a £1 to play lottery which is drawn twice per week, every Wednesday and Saturday, which gives players the chance to win up to £100,000.

Buy one ticket get one free

If you play the Health Lottery by visiting your local retailer then you are missing out on a free ticket(s), if you create an online account (you can do this by clicking here) the Health Lottery will match your first purchase, this allows players to double their chances of winning just by signing up online. There are several benefits to signing up online, these include;

  • No more trips to the retailer, this is important with the cold and bad weather approaching
  • Easy to manage your tickets online, can purchase or stop playing almost instantly
  • No risk of your tickets being stolen, lost or damaged
  • No need to carry excess money when visiting your store as all money is taken electronically
Create An Online Account

Get one weeks free play!

A secondary promotion which is being run by the Health Lottery is a fixed one weeks free play when you sign up to direct debit, this can save a lot of time in the future as your chosen tickets will continuously play until you stop them. This is preferred by most players as the only communication you will receive from the Health Lottery after signing up to direct debit will be a notification of a win. You can play from 1 ticket per week, per game continuously and the Health Lottery will give you one weeks free play.

Start A Direct Debit

Remember, if you play the Health Lottery that you can check all the latest results via our Health Lottery results page.

6 comments on Buy One Ticket Get One Free

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  4. Sergio Jimenez
    / Reply

    Well, it seems a perfectly good idea for your part. It is a great benefit for people who purchase online. But, on second thought, maybe in not a very long period of time, you should bring this promotion to local retailers.

    • Antonio
      / Reply

      Yes all the promotions should apply to everyone. still you have to visit the shop and most the times you come across cashiers unable to process the tickets because the equipment is not up to perform the task required or they don’t know how to use it.

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