Health Lottery Results 11th September

Health lottery results 11th septThe Health Lottery draw for Wednesday 11th September was hosted by Sian Welby, Sian informed viewers that since the launch of the Health Lottery in 2011, over 1,000,000 people have managed to win prizes. The total prize fund awarded to winners is in excess of £60,000,000, this is not only great for the players it’s also great for the charities involved who have received funding through this scheme. The charity which will receive funding from tonight’s draw is HealthBloom.

More information about HealthBloom:

HealthBloom has helped a wide range of charities within the Bradford area but to name a few, these charities would include; The St Oswald’s West End Center which has helped promote healthy eating within 80 socially isolated people, there was a £9,900 donation for this charity. Luv2MeetU also received £9,600 to develop a unique project to help people with learning disabilities to understand seasonal and healthy food including how to prepare, cook and eat togther, creating a fun experience for all involved. The Haworth Film Society also managed to obtain £5,908 to hold a fortnightly film screening for elderly individuals within the community.

The prize breakdown for tonight’s draw is as follows:

Matching numbersPrizeOdds of winning
2 numbers plus bonus£101 in 224
3 numbers£201 in 224
3 numbers plus bonus£501 in 4,815
4 numbers£2501 in 9,631
4 numbers plus bonus£10,0001 in 423,752
5 numbers£100,000†1 in 2,118,760
The overall odds of winning any prize is: 1 in 108.18

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