Health Lottery Results 28th August

Health Lottery Results 28th AugustThe Health Lottery’s mid week draw waves goodbye to the last bank holiday of 2013 however all is not as bad as it seems, certainly for one lucky player, who managed to win the top prize of £100,000 by matching all six numbers. We can confirm that the jackpot ticket was purchased online, to get your tickets for the draw of Wednesday 28th August 2013, click here.

The Health Lottery has dedicated this draw to HealthSound who offer charitable services within the Surrey area. If you are unsure as to how the Health Lottery works you can read more information here.

The prize tier for this draw can be found below, it can also be used as reference for future draws as the Health Lottery maintains the same prize tier without it fluctuating with ticket sales or prize sharing.

Matching numbersPrizeOdds of winning
2 numbers plus bonus£101 in 224
3 numbers£201 in 224
3 numbers plus bonus£501 in 4,815
4 numbers£2501 in 9,631
4 numbers plus bonus£10,0001 in 423,752
5 numbers£100,000†1 in 2,118,760
The overall odds of winning any prize is: 1 in 108.18


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